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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Epsiode #21: Lite Veggie Podcasting

-Sorry for the feed issues
-A Saturday out of the ordinary:
--Dave & Busters
--My cream cheese predilection
--The POBJFKHS Drama Cadets production of CATS!
-My campaiging obsession
-The longest dream, invovling podcasting, bowling, and death. But thankfully not dead babies.
-Cleaning like the dickens. Golly!
-A gig and meg update
-It's a medium-length show
-A live e-mail check
-Here's the mail, it never fails... I'm such a dork

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Sorry for not doing a show yesterday, and then not telling you I wasn't making a show, but I'll explain it all in ep #21. Actually, since #20 didn't go out until yesterday when it was supposed to go out Friday, it's almost like I made a show yesterday, but not Friday. Just a little explaination.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ugh, I posted up episode #20 last night on podOmatic, but it's not showing up on feedburner, which means you probably haven't gotten it yet because most of the links to my feed I have are to my feedburner feed and not to my podOmatic feed. But if you want to get it from my podOmatic page (here) feel free to do so.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Episode #20: It ruins it a little for me

-I'm back after a one-day vacation
-Why is politics always dirty?
-The poetry contest: watching, performing, and winning.........
-All caught up
-"It was in French, in case I didn't mention"
-The highest score in my grade level from my school
-He knows I'm serious about running. And beating him.
-Some more promised votes, but will they be enough? Tune in next.....
-Podcasters' pictures: good or bad?

I'm not typing the whole shpeal in here, you know what you have to do.

Gonna record within the next half-hour, I just want to update the site before I forget.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

OK, guys, I say I'm not doing a show tonight, and I mean it. No show. I need a break. But I'll have lots to talk about tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Episode #19: So close to being crazy!
(Yes, I decided to do one anyways)

-A review of last night's episode of "House", titled "House vs. God". If you don't want to hear, skip to 3:40.
-Podcast, the hardest word/concept to define, describe or explain.
-Dang schedule conflict. Dang seniors. Dang everything!
-An update on my student council running.
-"He actually looked threatened!"
-Math was actually funny today.
-I'm not going to beg anymore. I refuse.
-I am a princess folks. Seriously.

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Shows Mentioned: Gabber JaW
Acess audio here

I don't think I'm going to do a show tonight, and this may be the start of a new schedule, but I feel like I don't have a lot of content. But check back here at 8 EDT (5PDT) because I might record one. I'm not sure. It depends on what time I finish NK#38. MMKAY?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Episode #18: Dilemma, Thy Name is Wurtzel

-I always forget to talk about stuff
-Finding dead white babies on doorsteps
-Running for president: my dilemma and campaign strategy
-A new format?
-Still so behind. Just so behind.

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Shows Mentioned: TPAN, The Nodcast, MuggleCast

Monday, April 24, 2006

Episode #17: Ten Takeoffs and Landings

-A question for all you podcasters
-Super mondo self-conscious
-I can't talk without interrupting myself!
-Funny animal cruelty
-Indepth vacation recap: San Fransisco, the easter bunny, dying sick, Yosemite, too much hiking, San Diego, baseball, girl scouts
-I don't even want to get into my school day.

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Acess audio here.

I'm back!! Um, I'm really really going to try to get out an episode tonight, but I'm going out to dinner, than picking up my dog, and I'm SO far behind on podcasts. I have at least 30 episodes to listen to, with new ones coming in every few hours. It's too much. Plus, um, I do go to school, and that school does give out homework. So there's that... OH, and Prison Break is on at 8, and I CAN'T miss that show. I would rather be sent back to 8th grade than miss that show. Mmmkay?

Friday, April 14, 2006

Epsiode #16: The Pre-Vacation Show!!

-This construction is really noisy. I SAID, THIS CONSTRUCTION....
-Guys, dieting is soo hard. It's so hard...
-VACATION tomorrow in California
-I squirted a few over my puppy (you won't know what that means, but it's FUNNY)
-No new episodes until 4/24
-New Floaties and a skirt
-This day went by in a tizzy of excitement and business
-Overpacking is the devil's child
-I hope you know what my name is

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Like, I totally forgot to talk about so much stuff today. See, that's what happens when I do a show without show notes. So look for a better show tomorrow!!

PS: I can never get blogger and podomatic to post the episode and show notes at the same time. So the episode may not be up right this moment. But definately within a few minutes.

Episode #15: The Gum Show and why do I need show notes?

-Don't feel like podcasting or throwing out my gum
-Podcaster theory
-Recap of my life since Monday night, including tests, TV shows, and passover seder
-Lightening and leather stains
-A new reason to lose weight
-Maybe more interesting content for next time
-Podcast of the Week: Gabber JaW
-E-mail please!! (
-All you need is on the website:

Shows Mentioned: Mission Life (a podcast done by one of my bestest friends, so check it out)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ah, another day without The Grey Section Podcast!! I don't know how you guys stand my flaky-ness. Or flakiness. Anyways, I had to take my dog for a walk, try to catch up on podcasts, then I started making dinner for my family at 3:45 which I won't even be eating because I'm leaving in a few minutes to go to passover seder at my friend Leah's house. So it's a busy day. And then friday will be the last show for over a week, seeing as I'm going on spring break. So I'm REALLY really sorry guys. Really. I am.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sorry guys, but there will not be an episode tonight. I just didn't have enough time, and if you think I'm going to risk missing part of Gilmore Girls, you're crazy. Absolutely nuts. But have a good night. Or day. Or afternoon. Or morning. Whatevs.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Episode #14: Mom, there's a hole in the ceiling...

-Already losing count
-My cute little cousin: afraid of the stuffed gorilla
-Is it pathetic that my day can be compressed into less than 15 minutes?
-Stress out attacks from my nutcase math teacher
-It fell on my poor nutty puppy
-"Will he break out of prison before prison breaks him?"
-Why do we say plugging?
-My thing with grades
-Why should I feel bad for getting good grades?
-Double off-period
-Why should I feel bad for doing what I'm supposed to?

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Shows Mentioned: Short Poppy Syndrome

PS: I forgot to mention my friend Leah's podcast, called Mission Life, so I'll talk about that tomorrow

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hehe, just kigging about the feed thing, it just took awhile for it to go through, but it's totally working. No need to fret dearies!!

Oh no. I am not having the same problem as Derek with my feed at my 13th episode. It's just not happening.

Gah, maybe I am. I'm trying to fix it, but its not working and my parents are pushing me out the door. So I'm sorry if #13 isn't showing up in iTunes. I'm sorry.

Episode #13: OMG, look how fat she is!

-Unlucky Episode #13
-Need e-mails and feedback! You have no excuse!
-Haven't figured out the music thing yet
-Woke up to contruction workers outside my window
-A pile of stuff under a big blue tarp
-Holy bees nests!!
-Of course he started to eat them
-Movie Review: "The Benchwarmers"
-Napo-I mean Jon Heder being typecast? No way!
-He's Kirk!
-Yippee, vacation in 3 DAYS!
-Seeing my cousin
-I know I have 15 subscribers, you can't hide forever. Just check the website.
-Audio comments
-New way of listneing, mmm, well, not really..... I can't decide
-Oh, it's so pretty, it can't get smudged
-I still lost 3.5 pounds!
-I'm not obese, don't get the wrong impression people.

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Shows mentioned: Naughty Karate, Gabber JaW, Me and The Bean

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Episode#12: Oooo, Music...

-Back on CastBlaster
-Bowling shcores and shtuff.
-NEW PHONE!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?
-First song ever on the Grey Section Podcast!
-Wow, I was totally not talkative today.

Music: "Song of Sixpence" by 4 and 20 Blackbirds
Shows Mentioned: Tanfastic Podcast

Friday, April 07, 2006

Two things:

-I recorded Episode #11, but I can't get onto podomatic to post it, so I need to wait, hopefully I'll be able to do it today.
-I figured out how to get music onto CastBlaster, so I may go back to that when I want to play music, or maybe I'll do two shows a day: one with blabber and one with music. ooOOoo, I'm smart.

So, ttygl!!

Episode #11: Joining Ben Schoen!!

-Utterly and totally lost
-I can take criticism, so send me feedback
-Across the rectangular hammock, I lay and listen
-That was just horrible and disgusting and wrong. It makes me sad.
-Life's greatest miracle: captured on tape.
-The last babysitter you would hire
-No work over the weekend
-My reading has come to a screeching halt
-Woah, talk about a tangent
-My two bestest friends in the world
-Next week is vacation!!
-Still no LiveTalk. I don't know what's up.
-Cheeburger Cheeburger
-Mm, cheddar cheese
-The fight against childhood obesity!


Shows Mentioned: Short Poppy Syndrome

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Episode #10: The Yawn Show

-The most horrible thing a podcaster could say
-The most disgusting sandwich you could ever get
-No news (this morning)
-Then this class, then this class, blah blah school
-Feel like bursting out laughing
-Oh la la, the epididymis
-No more 8-counts
-Slamming headache
-Only one teacher was a bitch today
-I ain't the gossip mill, but it's better to be safe
-Class office. But not president. Because I know I would lose.
-Totally utterly unevent.
-Murderers and hoaxes
-No tongue clicking
-Mm, sleepy time
-Double digits

Shows Mentioned: Gabber Jaw (I think I said Jawbone Radio, but I meant Gabber Jaw. Dang "jaw" podcasts!), Stars Hollow Podcast

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Epsiode #9: It sounds like German backwards!!

-Look at the show notes while you listen!
-I'm just the master of segways
-It's a cooler picture
-My bestest friend in the whole world
-New Segment: Podcast of the Week- Quirky Nomads
-Look for TPAN LiveTalk soon!
-My school is suffering, so I might need to take a break soon
-TKAM (not TPAN)- it's like a crap day
-Ugh, it was just guitar
-Today was a good iPod day
-The most important lesson of my entire life- thank goodness I didn't miss it
-Especially espicially annoyingly annoying
-Homework, homework, and more more MORE homework

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Episode #8: iTunes and e-mails and trians.... OH MY!!

-Aw, we want our jingles back!!
-Speaking of e-mails!
-Speaking of Derek!
-TPAN LiveTalk!
-It's actually Blowing Inferno. But whatever.
-Running count: 4 Frappr Members
-Officially an official member of the official iTunes music store
-Search for me under "mugglecast"
-Dramatic articulation: apparantly it didn't help
-I wanted my ring dammit!
-Actually, it wasn't excellent, it was outstanding. What's wrong with me today?
-I use my rest strokes properly, tyvm!
-OMG, dont get me started.
-I told you not to get me started!
-The longest show ever.
-More about my day
-Willhoughby. Stop is Willhoughby.
-More about tonight.

Shows Mentioned: The Podshow About Nothing, Short Poppy Syndrome

An afterthought: I'm listening to this at a sped up rate, it's HILARIOUS!! Just thought I'd share.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am officially in the iTunes Music Store!! You can see the page here. I'll try to get a chicklet soon.

Episode #7: It's just a ton of crap to do.

Lucky #7 Baby!!
-18= Too Many!
-I'm doing two podcasts now, one against my will
-Where the bloody hell are you? Seriously!
-The Execution... of my costume
-Really comfy converted gaucho pants
-Six and 3/4 GB
-TPAN LiveTalk
-Television dilemma
-My new favorite word: fiddling

Shows Mentioned: "The Podshow About Nothing", Short Poppy Syndrome, Zee and Zed, and The Nodcast

A few afterthoughts:
1. Sorry for the crinkling, I was fiddling with some sticky plastic stuff.
2. Thanks to Derek (of TPAN fame) for the cool new album art.
3. Oh, and thanks to Derek also for the e-mail, I'll read it tomorrow. Man, I'm bad today.

Episode #6: What the hell is a testacite?

-As usual, we start out with apologies
-Then it was 8 o'clock, then it was 9 o'clock
-Humming and hawing
-Totally ruining moments
-Even snazzier website than ever
-Chicklets (no, not the gum)
-Skyping like crazy
-Plainview gossip mill
-An afterthought: what does homogenous-ity have to do with transsexuals?
-I don't want to have ringworm!
-I DID have it in me

Shows Mentioned: Jawbone Radio

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hey listeners and such, I'm really sorry I didn't get an episode out today, I just got so tied up tonight I couldn't. But I promise, two episodes tomorrow: one at around 4pm (East Coast USA time) and another at around 8 (East USA time). I PROMISE!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Episode #5: I must retain my title!

-Short apology
-Bowling, drumroll please. Please, can I have a drumroll?
-Two new podcast subscriptions
-Fabric folleys
-I heart e-mail
-I'm just out of it today
-Forgotten stories