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Friday, July 21, 2006

Episode #34: And speaking of...

-Podcasting while listening to music (namely S Club 7)
-Running out of memory
-Getting my laptop soon!
-My aunt's d.i.y. wedding
-"I'm kinda gonna trash talk them"
-Camp. Thats all I can say to describe half of this show.
-Stories about Tom and the bus rides
-My musical tutelage (see song list below)
-"He won't have a back to scratch"
-My shamrock henna
-Sampling (and getting in trouble for buying) music on iTunes
-Kyle XY!!
-TLC: quickly becoming my favorite tv station
-Little People, Big World: I only watch it for the hot guys (hehehe)
-"I don't want to see how it shuffles"
-Going over my preset limit!
-I'm realy really sorry about the burping. Really. (I'm such a hypocrite)
-I'm talked out, but Miami Ink revives me.

--Maneater by Nelly Furtado
--Get Him Back by Fiona Apple
--16 Military Wives, The Sporting Life, and Engine Driver, all by The Decemberists
--Smile, Cheryl Tweedy, and Absolutely Nothing, all by Lily Allen
--Weight of the World by Tarkio
--Heavy Metal Drummer by Wilco

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