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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Episode #31: I'm such a klutz

-"That just shows how great of a host I am"
-What does she expect?
-Ahh, air conditioning
-My embarassing scatalogical story
-Third period poster fun
-I'm getting to be embarassingly smart
-No more mathical learning for me
-Dance Dance (not by Fall Out Boy)
-The Mattlin visit
-Elections and debates
-The picture fiasco

Hey! It's been a while since I gave my contact info, so let me refrech your memory. My e-mail address is Use that information well, precious listeners!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Episode #30: Feelin' hothothot!

-This weekend's heat was insufferable, among other things
-Le premier fois bowling avec mon nouveau bowling ball (the first time... with my new ball for those of you who don't speak French)
-Workin' at the OB village
-They got rid of all the cool non-beach stuff
-It's true, I'm beginning to develop a taste for blood
-"It's shaped like a frosted strawberry PopTart box"
-Nine typed pages in 10pt. font. Ridiculous!
-Elections are on FRIDAY!!
-"Because I'm a genius girl and that's why I'm gonna win."

Acess audio: here!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Episode #29: I wish Keane was podsafe

-Feed woes (again)
-My damn English teacher and her damn essays
-PodTea 4 Cancer
-I did, like, no work
-The sub from hell
-L'examen nationale de francais
-I reallt thought it was Saturday
-Damn essay about the book from hell
-Episode 30 on May 30
-My cool new shoes
-KEANE (the best band in the world, duh)
-NOTE: I couldn't find any pics of the shoes, and it's a hassle to get one off my digital camera with such short notice, so maybe in a few days I'll have a pic up

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

AH!! Episode #28 is up now, but I didn't type up any show notes because it's so long and I talked about so much stuff and even now I'm remembering stuff I forgot to talk about so just go get it and listen to it!!

Heres the direct link to the file, I'm really sorry it's not in iTunes yet, I've been having some technical difficulties.

Monday, May 22, 2006

OK, well now that the busiest week in history is o-vah, I can once again focus on podcasting. I know I haven't gotten a show out in 10 days, but I kinda wanna catch up on other shows before I start up with this show again. K? K. Thanks, BYE!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ah, I'm SUCH a bad host. I haven't done a show in over a week, and I feel SO bad. But I've had a crazy week, and I've had no time to do anything, not even listen to podcasts, so I'm really behind on them, and then I have work tomorrow and I have to do homework tomorrow night, so I can catch up then and I've been so stressed out and I need chill time. Like, cchhhhiiiiiillllllllll tttiiiiiiiimmee. So sorry if you hate me for not doing shows, but the next show will be really long. I PROMISE. I'm not being machiavellian. I swear.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well, another excuse for not doing a show. I'm not only having the BUSIEST week of my life (I haven't even been anle to listen to podcasts, never mind record one) but I'm also getting sick, losing my voice, and coughing like a smoker. So I'm sparing you from the unpleasant listening quality today's show could have been. You should be thanking me!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

My schedule for this week is daunting, and I have 1/7 less time to do it all in, so there will be no show tonight. Maybe I'll have time for one tomorrow, but I'm not sure. I would list all the stuff I have to do, but that would take as long to do as the show itself. Sorry!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Episode #27: It was so far ago!

-Starting off with a plea to some people
-"You need 36 hours in a day"
-GG finale: sad
-House (not finale): still sad
-Wednesday is a blur of school and homework and podcasts and magazines and books and...
-Election meeting! Woah, it's like finally official (with a big bunch of rules)
-"But I guess that's the idea"
-School isn't necessary for that
-I go on and on about my new "job", complete with a COOL costume!
-I can't stand the pressure!
-I just crashed and burned
-"Just shut your trap!!"

Too tired to type in the stuff, you know by now.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

GAH!! You guys have no idea how much I wanted to do a show tiday but I'm just so damn busy. I had a lot of homework and studying, an interview, and a two hour review-class, and I'm beat. So sorry! But tomorrow I'm going to do an early show to make sure to get it done.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oops, I forgot 2:

8- I have 2 weeks to write my election speech.
9- I'm very behind on magazines because I'm behind on podcasts because I have too much work. It's a vicious cycle.

Ok, I know I promised I would do a show every weekday, but I just can't tonight, for all the following reasons:

1- I have two tests tomorrow that I need to study for.
2- I need to read three chapters of my school-assigned book.
3- I need to get started on my independent reading book for English that I need to finish in less than 2 weeks.
4- I have homework to do, including a political cartoon that I have NO ideas for.
5- I'm SO behind on podcasts. It's pathetic.
6- I need to start on tomorrows homework so that I have time to go to my SAT II review class and do a show tomorrow.
7- I need to take a shower.

All in the next 6 hours. Plus I need to like eat and stuff. So sorry, BYE!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Episode #26 Singing along as loud as I can

-It's official, that show is giving me a condition
-My food thing. Not a disorder. Just a thing.
-Gilmore finale tonight!
-Is it clear I have nothing to talk about?
-"White Daisy Passing" by Rocky Votolato
-The shortest show ever?!? Yikes.
-Watch it! NOW!
-I just had to do it

Monday, May 08, 2006

Episode #25: Ooo, that's a perfect square

-Sorry for not doing shows over the weekend
-The Live Talk on Saturday
-Sunday was a nice day for the grandparents
-We have a guest in the studio today
-Weekdays have a more reliable schedule
-Day of the grades
-"Yeah, well Sam got a hundred"
-My own version of dirty politics, I'm such a hypocrite
-A music explosion in my ears
-Tanfastic Podcast
-Spotlight on: Jump Little Children, and Rocky Votolato

There will be a show tonight!! In about an hour or so. Probably more. But, I wanted to see if any of you know of a way I can create little image tags like the one on the sidebar of me and the bean. I kind of stole that one, and I'd like to be able to make my own. So if you could help, that'd be super cool.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yeah, sorry guys, I know I said I'd do a show tonight, but today was so crazy and I still have homework to do and I'm thinking of changing the show to every weekday, and by that I mean EVERY WEEKDAY!! Although for the next few weeks I may need to do an early show on Wednesdays because of my class. But I promise promise PROMISE that I'm doing it every weeknight from now on. I'm not a Macchiavellian, I keep my promises. Except when I promised I'd do a show tonight. But that doesn't count....

I know, there wasn't a show last night, I was planning to do one, but then my friend came over and we had too much fun and by the time she left I was tired and it was too late. Plus I did a LIVE TALK yesterday for almost two hours, so I was pretty much talked out. But there'll definately be one tonight.

In the mean time, check this out.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Episode #24: Really Simple Syndication?

-Fixed the volume problem
-Mexico's independence from France?!
-House on Wednesday night
-Jawbone Live on Wednesday night
-Podcast alley update
-SAT II review class
-Almost broke my neck to get the magazine
-Podcasting article and the secret behind RSS
-My new internet friend!!
-Lalalala, can't see the pictuuuure, lalalaLAAA
-How did YOU discover the Grey Section podcast?
-My iPod battery
-Woah, a revelation: school is boring
-Tequila mockingbord

Access audio here

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hey guys!! I don't think I'm doing a show tonight because it's late (for a show) and I want to get to bed at a reasonable hour and I have to take a shower and I'm just not feeling in tip-top shape for a show, and that's not fair to yous guys. So I'll be back tomorrow with a bang!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Epsiode #23: I'm the gene whiz!

-Podcast, take four
-An e-mail!! *cue angels singing "Hallelujah"*
-I could have sworn there was album art last show
-HOUSE Part Two tonight
-Jawbone Radio Live Show tonight
-Schmee's feedback
-A new section: "Now Playing"
-Blink....... blink........ blink
-I'm a little kooky tonight folks
-Story contest for Quirky Nomads
-Volume levels
-My sixth grade science project

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Episode #22: With an E!

-Quick episode today, which turns out to be a regular episode
-Attack of the tests. RUN!
-"I failed, in my skewed grading system"
-Mr. MathTeacher just sits there and mumbles
-Global review was actually fun-->Is it Christmas already?
-I just keep pasuing it
-It's gonna give me high blood pressure
-High gear campaign with a cool logo
-"We could have just done a chart?"
-Attack of the tests: Part two
-Super Overweight Cats In Europe Taste Yummy
-"That info would have been better before!"
-Length length length length
-Podshow: what's the deal?

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Sorry guys and dolls, but due to the major studying I must do tonight, among other things, there shall be no episode tonight/today. But since it's a new month, you can vote for me on podcast alley by clicking here!

Check it out:

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