Grey Section Podcast

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Episode #42: Catching Up

In this show:
-My lazy ways
-A bit of catching up
-My obsession with music
-Music suggestions: Mika, Hellogoodbye, Of Montreal, Amy Winehouse (these aren't mentioned, but I'm stull suggesting them: Cartel, Rayito, Gang Of Four, Blue October, The Feeling, Cold War Kids)
-MUSIC: White Daisy Passing, by Rocky Votolato
-Chemistry class (the album art is a picture of my class)
-Movies I've seen recently
-Clearing up my guy situation
-The best coffee place on earth
-Vacation in Six Flags
-Trips for me and my friends for our sixteenth birthdays ------ PLEASE email me with feedback, comments, suggestions for content, or whatever. It would just be nice to know that someone listens besides Derek =P

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hey guys. I know its been forever since I've posted on here, I just wanted to let you know that I will be trying to do regular posts on my blog from now on, seeing as the shows are getting fewer and farther between. I did just put up a show (which mysteriously disappeared.....), and I want to do another one soon, but my motivation has been a little lax as of late. Hope you all enjoy the blogd as much as you enjoy the show!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Hey guys! Just recovered my account info for the page (I thougt I lost it) and now I can start doing real shownotes and put links and stuff in here. Just wanted to tell ya!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Grr, I've done everything I can with this podcast, and it's all done and finished, but I have no way of publishing it because I don't have internet access on my laptop. This is really starting to bug me. But I just wanted you all to know that I'm still here!! I'm not podfading... well, not yet at least.

Episode # 36 MacBook Special!

After an almost-month-long hiatus, I'm back and better than ever. Seriously! If you are able to see the album art while you're listening, I just wanted to say that they we're all taken by myself, some during camp, and some last night in a cheap attempt to get album art (however, I think I did really well on the Busch Gardens pic). Anyways, I hope you enjoy it, because it took me forever!

Some of the show's topics include:
-My birthday
-My new MacBook
-Movie Review of John Tucker Must Die
---Chile peppers
---Busch Gardens
---Kings Dominion
---Water Country
---Ugly Pageant
---Chubby Bunny
-The aftermath of Virginia

Since it's been a few days since I recorded the show, look for another one in a couple of days, with some new segments and everything!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Hey guys! I don't want to get into shows and stuff right now (I'm saving everything for the next show), but I want to put out into the open a thing (for lack of a better word) for my listeners. If you want to, go back and listen to some back episodes and pick out some good sound bites I could use for a promo (that I now have the technology to create).

If you find a (or many) good bites send me via e-mail or comment (e-mail preffered) the episode(s) they're in and at what time so I can put them all together.

Thanks a bundle!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Episode #35: The Music Keeps Distracting Me!

-I'm a little scatterbrained this episode
-Once again listening to music while I'm recording
-My birthday's in 6 days!
-My cycle of obsessions
-Sitting in gum, GROSS!
-Hanging out and bus shenanigans (I love that word)
-I don't know why I'm so tired, after all, I did fall asleep in the sun
-Song of the Week (maybe month...): Top Of The World, by The All-American Rejects

Please send me some feedback, I'm feeling lonely. You can email me at or leave comments. Thanks!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Episode #34: And speaking of...

-Podcasting while listening to music (namely S Club 7)
-Running out of memory
-Getting my laptop soon!
-My aunt's d.i.y. wedding
-"I'm kinda gonna trash talk them"
-Camp. Thats all I can say to describe half of this show.
-Stories about Tom and the bus rides
-My musical tutelage (see song list below)
-"He won't have a back to scratch"
-My shamrock henna
-Sampling (and getting in trouble for buying) music on iTunes
-Kyle XY!!
-TLC: quickly becoming my favorite tv station
-Little People, Big World: I only watch it for the hot guys (hehehe)
-"I don't want to see how it shuffles"
-Going over my preset limit!
-I'm realy really sorry about the burping. Really. (I'm such a hypocrite)
-I'm talked out, but Miami Ink revives me.

--Maneater by Nelly Furtado
--Get Him Back by Fiona Apple
--16 Military Wives, The Sporting Life, and Engine Driver, all by The Decemberists
--Smile, Cheryl Tweedy, and Absolutely Nothing, all by Lily Allen
--Weight of the World by Tarkio
--Heavy Metal Drummer by Wilco

Remember to contact me so I don't podfade:!!