Grey Section Podcast

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Episode #42: Catching Up

In this show:
-My lazy ways
-A bit of catching up
-My obsession with music
-Music suggestions: Mika, Hellogoodbye, Of Montreal, Amy Winehouse (these aren't mentioned, but I'm stull suggesting them: Cartel, Rayito, Gang Of Four, Blue October, The Feeling, Cold War Kids)
-MUSIC: White Daisy Passing, by Rocky Votolato
-Chemistry class (the album art is a picture of my class)
-Movies I've seen recently
-Clearing up my guy situation
-The best coffee place on earth
-Vacation in Six Flags
-Trips for me and my friends for our sixteenth birthdays ------ PLEASE email me with feedback, comments, suggestions for content, or whatever. It would just be nice to know that someone listens besides Derek =P