Grey Section Podcast

Friday, March 31, 2006

Episode #4: My scaltch is ippy!

We're jumping right into it today!
-College Fair
-No anonimity
-iTunes problemos
-School stuff
-I'm definately making my costume!!
-These teachers are pissing me off
-Mark of great podcasters
-Ippy scaltches and brown paper

Shows Mentioned: The Nodcast

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Episode #3 Includes:

-Apologys for my crappy last episode
-The e-mail controversy
-Shout-out and props to my BFF
-A whole text message conversation
-Easy reproduction test
-I don't know one that starts with "x"
-First e-mail!!
-College Fair

E-mail me at:

Ok, first, I'm going to say this later, but ep#2 sucked, and I'm sorry.

Also, I'm reallt going to try to get an episode out today, but I might not because I have NYSSMA (more about that later) and the college fair at school, plus putting the final final touches on my project and some more stuff. But I'm gonna try.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Episode #2 Peaking So Badly!

-Crappy Intro
-Sorry for the sound mishaps
-One of those acronyms
-Tech help needed
-Snazzy website
-Editing epiphany
-Peaking so badly!

Shows Mentioned: The Podshow About Nothing

Episode #1: No Cool Aliases Here

An introduction to me!
-My Stats
-Food Withdrawl
-Podcast Obsession
-Alternate Lives
-It's not over!

Shows Mentioned: The Nodcast, Demented Random Guy Podcast, Naughty Karate, The Podshow About Nothing

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ok, I just recorded Episode #1. YAY!! So I'm using podomatic because switchpod was ebing a bitch. Um, I'll give you my feed link in a few minutes and forward you to my podomatic page.

Hey people, if you've seen this page then you probably want to hear some great podcasts, right? Well, I'm havng some problems with switchpod, and I don't have a lot of time to try and fix it, so for right now, I have ... time, because I just found out I'm not going out tonight. So I'm going to try to fix it now. TTYL!!